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Angel Falls Aventure

Try our classic tour this season! Comes with a wide range of different surprises perfectly suited for any business traveler or visits to the Angel Falls. Choose the well known path for the Angel Adventure of 3 days.. Read more!

Read more: Angel falls is on Line! Canaima an awesome and magic place...
More than a village can be said to Canaima - it is a community surrounded by great nature, and different types of tourist accommodation. It has a single entry point through its airstrip (the only way to get there) and also it is the key location, and nearest access to the Canaima Lagoon a is a natural Landmark and break from the waters surrounding the rivers of  Carrao - born by the Angel Falls. Accommodation & Tours in Canaima

Welcome to Angel Falls

Read more: Welcome to Angel Falls The highest waterfall in the world is precipitated from the western edge of a ravine in the center of Auyantepui. With a total height of 979 meters of free fall,is over 19 times higher than Niagara. The water coming out of the summit takes fourteen seconds to reach the bottom. This trip to the highest waterfall in the world by boat presents a collage of lush jungle, lots of small waterfalls, mermaid lagoons and 700 native plant species.

We are pleased to offer the first online real-time booking including Posadas, camps,expeditions and excursions to this magical destination.

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Angel falls is on Line!

Read more: Angel falls is on Line!The Angel Falls is now offering online reservations in real time in cooperation with the majority of the operators and service providers in the Canaima National Park, this has been an innovation of importance and of great help to the local community since this part of the world communication is still difficult and lonely, enjoy the new beta version of the website which is in continuous development.
The Parque Nacional Canaima located at the confluence of the rivers Carrao and axe, is one of the 8 natural wonders of the world.
It is one of those places that everyone should visit once in their life. It is very different from other famous waterfalls in the world: the Victoria Falls, and the Iguazu falls. It is not only different in their incredible height of 3195 ft.
20 times the height of the Iguazu falls respectively.
It is also different in the stunning surroundings: falls originates at the top of the vertical cliff of Auyan Tepuy (Table Mountain) mountain with its green forest below.
To see the falls by air is spectacular. It is also important to see it by land and we offer the 3 day tour with navigation by river in a canoe.
After a boat trip of variable duration (depending on the place of departure), will have to walk for about an hour and a half through the jungle. It is surprising to find no garbage, no signs, no plates, and very few other tourists.

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