Angel Falls Angel Falls the tallest waterfall in the World.. Tue, 26 Sep 2017 10:52:20 GMT Jomres Feed Creator by Jomres Extras - Angel Falls Angel Falls the tallest waterfall in the World.. en-GB Tiuna Hostal - Canaima - Bolivar - Venezuela /tiuna Posada Tiuna Camp with to 2 big rooms. Two quarters (each with two bunk beds), large beds and bathrooms for / cold water shared areas is. It´s basic, but ideal for people who are more interested in the economy than luxury, to stay in bed or hammock meals available separately. ...]]> /tiuna AraMerú - Canaima - Bolivar - Venezuela /arameru Close to the Canaima Lagoon, and in the middle of the Jungle you will find the Ara Meru Lodge with imposing facilities, spacious rooms all with private bathrooms, air conditioning, satellite TV, executive refrigerator, hot water, and safes. ...]]> /arameru Helicopter - Tumeremo - Bolivar - Venezuela /helicopter Helicopter Aerial view of the incredible Tepuyes the Gran Sabana and Canaima National Park, only mountains on earth with more than 2000 million years old and breathtaking views only minutes from the base to the summit . ...]]> /helicopter Flight from Santa Elena Uairén to Canaima - Puerto Ordaz - Canaima - Bolivar - Venezuela /flight-santa-elena-canaima Round trip flight Saint Helena Uairén - Canaima / Kamarata / Kavac / Uruyen on a Private plane: Return Santa Elena Uairén - Canaima or Kamarata. Flights to Canaima or Kamarata Valley from Santa Elena de Uairén City, Bolivar State. ...]]> /flight-santa-elena-canaima Ghost Cave Tour of 7 days - Purpurken - Bolivar - Venezuela /ghost-cave-tour-of-7-days Day 1: Arrive at Camp Uruyen, Delivery Room, after taking lunch excursion to the cave Uruyen two hours journey and return to camp. Day 2: Begins with a three hour walk until we reached Aimarayun for a light lunch break for an hour. ...]]> /ghost-cave-tour-of-7-days Angel Falls Canaima Kamarata tour of 4 days - Kamarata - Bolivar - Venezuela /angel-falls-kamarata-4-days-tour Day 1: Karamata, after lunch at 14:30 p.m. at arrival time, we arrive at Camp Iwana Meru at 6:00 p.m. After leaving the village Karamata and after a short walk of about 15 minutes you reach the harbor Kunoroden Ken, where the tour to Angel Falls starts, Akanan through the river after the ...]]> /angel-falls-kamarata-4-days-tour