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Just to give thanks for an incredible trip so soon and that we could see (and landing in) all!. Apart from achieving everything he wanted to do was the unexpected additions as Rafael how to set focus to Angel Falls and then fly to the base and back up - in addition to the ' high-speed excavated canoe "that competes with few centimeters of banks, the trees and the rocks - until the rapids!
Jacky is not so comfortable with the movement fast and close shave as I am, but I know from heariong tell children and write cards of greeting she also really enjoyed it.
We are already making a list of things we want to see the next time!

Thanks a lot
Philippe and Jacky

We had a wonderful time at Angel Falls. Guide was great, the River was pleasant, the scenery was beautiful and the climate was very well!
Many thanks for your help to get ready! I am going to recommend that none of my friends travelling to Venezuela in contact with you!

All the best

Hello Boris
Well, I just wanted to write to you and thank you for helping me and my family in preparation for our trip. All had a wonderful time despite problems in Margarita. The people of Canaima and Los Roques were very friendly and helpful and a pleasure to be with him. It was a trip that everyone will remember for the rest of our lives.
Thanks again

Hello Cheo
Just wanted to thank you for organizing the trip to Los Roques.
We had a beautiful time.
I'm back in November and we would go then, Angel falls or anywhere else.
I will let you know.
All the best


MOM and I really liked the trip. Tell other Americans what a beautiful country Venezuela is. We would love to return and stay more time with you our holiday Guide. We are very happy to see the purity and Majesty of Venezuela.

Thank you

Sarah and Jan Dudle
Alabama, United States.UU.

Hi Mary,

Thank you for your letter. We feel good, even if we journalists our work. Our holidays were actually better than expected and his country and all the people we know have been fantastic. I think I'm going to suggest to all my friends to visit Venezuela with your organization. A special thanks to Remo for everything he did for us and for you on all bookings made and assistance at the airport. I hope that you listened to in the future.

Bye, Paolo Balestrino (and family)

Thank you very much for the wonderful tour adventure in Venezuela, one of the best this waterfall that I have ever seen in my life! Canaima is the best, thanks for organizing this for me.

Kent Johnson

Hi Anna,

I had an awesome time! Rodovias bus company was large, but the fast Guyana was not so good. The Bernal Tours had mosquito nets for hammocks and that was great! We actually walked to the foot of Angel Falls. In general, it was amazing! The fall was so beautiful! I had a great time and I am very happy to have come. I was able to take some great photos. Thank you for all your help! I will recommend your service to anyone who is interested in going.

Thank you!

Matt Smith


All have returned safe and sound from Venezuela and had a fantastic trip. Thank you very much for organizing everything. The expedition to Angel Falls was one of the best experiences I've ever had, and everyone at SAA was fantastic.


Dear Lu Ann,
Everything was fine - air tickets at the moment, Waku Lodge *-
I plan to return in Canaima in December for a longer time, and walk a few days with friends to a tepuy. The excursion to the Orchid Island was the best.
In Mochima Villa Majagual, staff was a little shy, but I must say to my great shame I don't speak enough Spanish, and probably explains that.
I sincerely hope that the situation would improve soon in his country; We don't have so many news about their country here.
Make sure that I keep a special place in my heart for Venezuela.
You will hear from me before the end of the year.

Please, Yves Carrù

"Carlos Luis is an extraordinary Guide. His knowledge of the history, culture and geography of their country was evident. There were interesting stories that relate to the group in connection with their country. He was affable and in relation to all over the world with enthusiasm. Our well-being is concerned and the Organization of the trip was well planned and well done. Every day he gave me a bit of unexpected beauty and something new to experience. Auyantepuy adventure was spectacular, the rise an emotion, the top of the Tepuy was unimaginable and trip by plane over the falls was impressive. "
Louis Leonard (Aquebogue, NY)